I think that we’ve seen very clearly in the last 2 years just how influential the POTUS is on the budget and economy, especially when the Congress members of the same party are cult-like followers at any and all costs. Even in the best case scenarios, though, the POTUS is one of many influences on the economy. And in fact, this study shows that the economy has been the best not only when a Democrat is in the White House, but when both houses are controlled by Democrats. The next “best” economy is with a Democrat in the White House and both houses controlled by Republicans, presumably because Republicans know that they can’t get their failed policies and budgets passed and are forced to compromise more. In fact, the authors suggest that the POTUS actually DOES have a greater influence on the economy than the Congress.


Policy Researcher / Emerge CA Alum / World Traveler / Mom / Founder parentinginpolitics.com / HuffPo Guest Writer / Let’s get more progressive women elected!

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