I wouldn’t be so sure. There’s more to the judiciary than the Supreme Court. Republicans spent nearly a decade blocking all appointments: “ They successfully blocked not only all but 22 judicial appointments to the federal courts, but also a Supreme Court Justice — more than 100 in all, and broken records in their obstruction, confirming the fewest appointments since 1898. In fact, republicans obstructed so many judicial appointments that they caused a judicial emergency, leaving many individuals and businesses with little chance for any kind of justice since the courts are so backlogged.”

From one article in my series: https://medium.com/comprehensive-impacts-of-trumps-first-year/comprehensive-impacts-of-trumps-first-year-judicial-constitutional-eb99a2399d2a

Further, Trump and his Senate have been confirming record numbers of ultra-conservative judges and justices, sometimes in the middle of the night and often with no Democrats even present. Their goal, in fact, is to fill as many vacancies as possible with judges and justices hand-picked by the Heritage Foundation. We are indeed in very scary times.

Policy Researcher / Emerge CA Alum / World Traveler / Mom / Founder parentinginpolitics.com / HuffPo Guest Writer / Let’s get more progressive women elected!

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